Mission Photo Production is a full service production company. We are creative facilitators as well as logistical experts, and this sets us apart. With over 20 years of experience, we offer a solid and comprehensive support system for photo and film shoots locally and around the world.

Services include, but are not limited to, research; consulting; production management and coordination; budgeting; scheduling; negotiating contracts; casting; location research, scouting and management; handling of permits and insurance; hiring of crew (from photo assistants and digital technicians to hair & makeup artists, wardrobe and prop stylists, to set designers, special effects professionals, animal trainers, baby wranglers, sports coaches, traffic control crew and security personnel); renting studios and equipment; arranging catering; organizing travel itineraries and ground transportation/logistics; and comprehensive invoicing.

Thanks to our thoughtful approach with clients and vendors alike, we create an environment that allows everyone to excel. Within this context, artistic collaborations can truly thrive.

We believe in long-term relationships and are proud to have many internationally renowned brands among our clients.

We will give you clear and detailed estimates, working within your budget and sticking to the numbers during production. Once the job is completed, our itemized invoices come with full backup to show you where and how the money has been spent.

We have a lot of experience in putting together comprehensive schedules – be it a broad outline of a month-long shoot or a specific timeline of a day’s shoot – that put everyone on the same page.

Mission Photo Production has years of experience with multilingual shoots. We speak English, German, Italian, Spanish and French – and if that’s not the language you’re looking for, no problem. We’ll get in touch with knowledgeable people who speak the local language. We are sensitive to the values of cultural differences, and how they can affect the quality of international production.

Whether it is a particularly complex location agreement, a detailed talent contract or something more unusual – we are used to reading the fine print and will always negotiate in our client’s best interest.

We’ll find the right people for the assignment – whether it is celebrities, A-list models, character actors or “real people” through agencies or from street castings. The casting itself is tailored to your needs and organized in whichever way makes the most sense for the project. We work closely with casting agents, model agencies and talent representatives, which is invaluable when it comes to negotiating rates, usage and availability.

When putting a crew together, we carefully consider many important aspects: specialty, talent, temperament and personalities. We make sure the right people are working together, so that the shoot is not only successful, but also enjoyable.

We have an extensive network of local specialists for all positions: hair & makeup artists, stylist for props and wardrobe, set designers and builders, photo assistants, digital technicians, model makers, electricians, grips, drivers, car technicians, pressers, stunt people, security personnel, sports coaches, baby wranglers, animal wranglers, and extras.

We undertake location research anywhere in the world, and we work closely with local contacts familiar with the area. We negotiate and secure locations and make sure all the peripheral aspects, such as clearance, permits, logistics, safety, insurance and property releases are covered. We have a lot of experience with security on set, and orchestrating traffic control, if required.

We will rent the most suitable photo studio or sound stage for any given project, and we’ll also take care of any equipment rental that is needed – from camera bodies and lenses, lighting and grip equipment, to communication devices, digital stations, green rooms, safety gear, camera rigs, boom lifts, gyroscopes and helicopters. Should some items not be available in a far away location, we will source them elsewhere and have them delivered to the destination safely and on time. We make sure that everything is insured and stored safely before, during and after the shoot.

For some people, it’s artisanal chocolate, for others, it’s strictly vegan. We will make arrangements for catering and craft services to satisfy all tastes, diets and budgets.

We have extensive travel experience, and we’ve successfully produced shoots across the United States and in over 30 countries on 6 continents. We are accustomed to booking flexible tickets, obtaining rush Visas, and bringing crew through customs with or without a carnet. We know all the routes to obtaining airline and hotel upgrades, and we will efficiently coordinate the transportation logistics. We’re comfortable in unfamiliar territory and embrace the challenges that come with it, including booking the best local restaurant at the end of a production day.

We are committed to producing smooth, efficient and stress-free shoots. While we take care of all the details, we keep a keen eye on the photographer’s vision and the concept’s core idea. We also make sure everyone on the team is well looked after, and everyone has what they need. We take pride in interpreting different tastes and matching diverse temperaments. Upon completion of the shoot, we assist in navigating the intricate range of deliverables; we make sure that equipment, wardrobe and props are returned, and any other needs are covered. Personal service, flexibility and pulling rabbits out of hats are all central to what we do – and what we love to do.

Increasingly, stills and motion are produced at the same time. We have experience with the intricacies of such scenarios. We can be of service to you – whether it is for short industrial films, behind the scenes footage, online video content, or digital platforms. We’ll adapt to the project’s needs, either by working with multiple overlapping teams, or by providing the necessary crew support to photographers who also direct. Whatever the brief, we can provide you with custom tailored and cost-effective solutions.