Case Studies_


Increasingly we’re being asked to produce custom image libraries. Clients are looking for a wide pool of images created specifically to their needs that they can apply to many media channels. Image libraries ensure visual consistency and – when thoughtfully planned – are an economical way for the client to end up with broad and flexible content. It’s critical that production is buttoned up and always several steps ahead of the game, and the photographer needs to be comfortable shooting very fast.

This was the case with the MasterCard shoot we realized with Jake Stangel. His boundless curiosity and wanderlust, coupled with athleticism, made him a perfect match for the project. We didn’t have much time for pre-production, procuring work visas, or sleep, for that matter. What we did do was create a meticulous master schedule that outlined key deadlines for each destination, and we shared it with client, agency and local production liaisons. This way everyone was on the same page, knew what to expect and saw their deadlines outlined. In our first destination, London, we were still busy prepping for Thailand, New York, Miami and Rio, and gaining insight into MasterCard’s expansive Priceless Cities program. In each location, there was a plan, but also room for spontaneity and those lucky moments that happen when you’re travelling. Jake captured them beautifully.

Photographer: Jake Stangel
Client: MasterCard
Agency: McCann